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Financing and Financial Services

Financing and Financial Services

Since financing when purchasing or selling real estate has become more challenging due to ever changing state and federal financing/banking regulations, we now provide for our customers/clients when selling or purchasing real estate at auction, the following financial services:

  • Deposit loans available day of auction, should you not have the 10% down payment, usually required on auction day
  • Bridge or equity loans that often are needed if you purchase property at auction, meanwhile you do not have your current property sold or even on the market
  • The above deposit or bridge/equity loans available to qualified buyers for our real estate auctions. Call Randal V. Kline to qualify 717-733-1006, self-proprietor lender NMLS #834368
  • Facilitate standard mortgage loans with your bank/lender or refer you to other financial institutions we work closely with, while providing the above deposit or bridge loans in the interim from the day of the auction until your current property is sold