Randal V. Kline, Auctioneer/Realtor
(717) 733-1006

Roy E. Good, Auctioneer
(717) 445-4309

Curvin M. Horning, Auctioneer/Realtor
(717) 606-2226



For Action, Go Auction

Buying at Auction

Buyer Advantages

Buyers at Auction.

  • Purchase property at fair market value based on selling price, not asking price.
  • Eliminate often long negotiation periods and brings transaction to the table.
  • Reduce time to purchase property and hold a closing.
  • Gain confidence as they compete in bidding process realizing others are truly interested
  • Do not have to worry about contingencies because purchasing and closing dates are known from the begining.
  • Feel better about purchase – just knowing there is a contending bid just one increment under purchase price.
  • Buyers know property owners are motivated to sell and sense an advantage.
  • Buyers can receive favorable financing within a few days of auction.
  • Buyers set their own purchase price by negotiating the price up while bidding.

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